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fuzhou sd chain logistic company

sd chain logistics (trade)co., ltd. is a comprehensive company,comprise 2 departments -----international trade dept. &international logistics dept.
trade dept. brief as below:
we specialized in handbags, costume jewelry, solar lightingseries (solar garden stone lights, solar bricks, solar flashligths); sanitary series (baby diaper, adult diaper and sanitarynapkin); food series( instand noodles, rice noodles/ricevermicelli, frozen vegetable and canned food) .
over the past 5 years, we have developed more than 5 fields ofproduts and never stop innovating. supported by a network oflong-term partner factories, we can easily handle volume andmixed orders.
we also have 4 years of oem experience to carry out your customprojects. from order tracking and quality control to logisticsarrangement, our professional personnel oversee every step of theprocess.w're willing to work with you whether you're big or smallenterprise.
to join us, contact us now.

Contact Information

Contact Person: emily yu
Address: Beida RD, fuzhou, FUJIAN, China
Telephone: 86-591-87593957

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