Flavor Fragrance Intermediates

  • hubei jingtian chemical co., ltd

    pharmaceutical intermediates;pesticide intermediates;flavor&fragrance intermediates

    No.19, Reming Road, Xiangyang, Hubei, China
  • hubei yuancheng pharmaceutical croup

    organic intermediates;pharmaceutical intermediates;flavor & fragrance;chemical additives

  • hubei yuancheng pharmaceutical co., ltd

    cinnamic series;fine chemical;flavor and essence;food additive;pharmaceutical intermediates;makeup products;plant extract;pharmaceutical;organic chemical;makeup tools;healthcare supplies;chemicals;mixed spices;seasonings;herbal medicine;flavour;fragrance

    496 zhongshan road, wuhan, hubei, china
  • hefei j&s import - export trading co., ltd.

    aromatic chemicals;essential oils;food additives;herb extracts;intermediates of pharmaceutical and dyestuff;flavor &fragrance;nat aromatic chemicals;natural colors;sweets;concretes &amp

    58 feixi road, hefei, anhui, China
  • xi'an app chem-bio(tech) co.,ltd

    fragrance and flavor;food additives;medical intermediates

    S409, Innovation Building,No.25 GaoXin Rd.1,High tech Zone.