• bellsdo transistors tech

    ;electronic components;integrated circuits

    building no.117,industry park,china shenzhen guangdong 518044 china
  • guangdong hottech industrial co. ltd

    chip resistors;diodes diode modules;small-signal general-purpose transistors;power transistors transistor modules;ceramic capacitors;diodes;resistors;transistors;capacitors;rectifiers

    4/f, block a, guoli building,, new asia, zhonghang road,, futian district
  • sino-tech international (bvi) limited

    diodes diode modules;zener diodes;small-signal general-purpose transistors;rectifiers;power transistors transistor modules;diodes;transistors;rectifiers

  • sellweb ltd

    electonic components;caps;capacitors;resistors;diodes;signal diodes;***** transistors;pnp transistors;relays;triacs;switches;obsolete electronic components;electronics stocks

    36 Highcliffe Rd, Tamworth, Staffs, UK
  • guangdong kexin industrial co.,ltd

    fets mosfets;power transistors transistor modules;zener diodes;diodes diode modules;small-signal general-purpose transistors;transistors;diodes;capacitors;led flood lights;led bulbs;led street lights;led downlights;inductors;led panel lights;led ceiling l

    5/f, building c, tianji plaza,, tian'an digital technology zone,, futian district
  • gursons enterprises

    manufacturer and supplier of capacitors;disc type ceramic capacitor;vacuum variable capacitor;chip capacitor and mica capacitor. we are also offering transistors;rf transistors

    3342, 1st floor, mahindra park
  • huzhou yifan electron co., ltd.

    transistors;power transistors;electronic measuring instruments

  • shenzhen shengyuan semiconductors co. ltd

    power transistors transistor modules;fets mosfets;transistors

    building e, fenghuang third, industrial estate, fuyong, bao'an district
  • sunroc industrial co., ltd

    rectifiers;small-signal general-purpose transistors;chip resistors;zener diodes;fets mosfets;rectifiers;transistors;resistors;capacitors;diodes

    p.o. box: 523000, 3/f, minghe business bldg,, shangsha,, changan town
  • jad tech, inc.

    igbt;electronic components;hardware fasteners;obsolete parts;actives passives;discrete power modules;thyristor;cnc machine parts;transistors;mosfet;power modules;fet;electronic components;transistors;diodes;hardware stock;semiconductors;rectifiers

    2425 amherst ave