Ultraviolet Lamps

  • shangyu yup lighting co., ltd

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    room 602, loudi, zhejiang, china
  • uvman

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    compass house, vision park, chivers way, histon
  • e. vila projects & supplies

    infrared lamps;ultraviolet lamps;quartz;tubes;ir lamps

    castelltallat nave 8b, manresa, barcelona, spain
  • lanxi bistar lighting co., ltd.

    marine lamp;infrared heat lamps;halogen lamps;navigation lamps;stage lamps;incandescent bulbs;led spotlights;lights;lighting products;metal halide lamps;induction lamps;ultraviolet lamps;high pressure sodium lamps;mercury lamps;ballasts;halogen bulbs

    pengcheng road, lanxi chuangye zone, zhejiang province. china
  • hiten techno products corporation

    ultraviolet lamps;laser lamp;deuterium lamps;hollow cathode lamps;xenon lamps;spectrophotometer cells;nmr sample tubes;quartz tubes;silica tubes;laser parts;quartz tubes

    1102, atlanta, 209, nariman point,
  • wellplumbing

    aquaculture equipment;aquaculture equipment;water treatment;farm machinery;ultraviolet lamps

    jingshang, xiamen, fujian, china
  • changming electrical co., ltd.

    ;metal halide lamps;energy saving;fluorescent;incandescent bulbs;led bulbs;ultraviolet lamps;halogen bulbs;high pressure sodium lamps;lights;lighting products

    rm d,26f,block b,reith international building,no.1002 yanhe north rd,luohu district
  • hefei super electronics co., ltd.

    ;magnetic materials;metal halide lamps;mercury lamps;ultraviolet lamps;energy saving;fluorescent;incandescent bulbs;chemical additives;halogen bulbs;high pressure sodium lamps

    room1303,building4, zhong jie crystal city ,qingnian road,shangpai town,feixi county
  • yitu electronic technology co., ltd.

    uv-lamps and blaster( main product vertification.pdf );ultraviolet lamps;ballasts;metal halide lamps;halogen bulbs;mercury lamps;laser lights;energy saving;fluorescent;lights;lighting products;incandescent bulbs;xenon lamps

    428,no.333 changzhong road,hongkou district,
  • lanxi gold lion lighting co., ltd.

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    yongchang village,yongchang street ,lanxi city ,zhejiang province