chemical reagents

  • luoyang tiancheng chemical reagent co.,ltd

    chemical reagent;chemical intermediate;electron chemical;biochemical buffer;elisa chromogenic reagent;trinder's reagent;biological buffer;medical intermediate;electronic chemical.

    YiQuan, LuoYAng, HeNan, Denmark
  • suzhou yacoo chemicals reagent corporation

    ;chemical reagents;organic chemical;pharmaceutical;inorganic acids;chemicals;chemical auxiliary agent

    suzhou, suzhou, jiangsu, china
  • hanoi chemical reagent jsc

    other inorganic chemicals;other organic chemicals;chemicals for daily use;food additives;pharmaceutical chemicals

    No1 76/7 An duong Str, Tayho Dist, Hanoi 10000 Vietnam
  • nanjing chemical reagent co., ltd


    Yanyao Road 18 #, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
  • beijing chemical reagents institute

    lifepo4 batteries;primary lithium batteries;battery materials

    huateng international, yard 2, dajiaoting middle street, chaoyang district
  • sinopharm chemical reagent co., ltd.

    no.52 ning bo road
  • luoyang tiancheng chemical reagent co., ltd

    tmb;tmb-cl;tmb-s;tmb-ps;chemical reagents

    wanji industrial park, luoyang, henan, china
  • suzhou industrial yacoo chemical reagent co., ltd

    biobuffer;molecular biology reagents;chromogenic substrates;medical materials and intermediates;electronic chemicals;enzymes;coenzymes;vitamin;carbohydrate;chemiluminescence substrate;genera;chemical reagents;organic salt;paint;coating

    xinghu, suzhou, jiangsu, china
  • luoyang tiancheng chemical reagents co.,ltd

    other organic chemicals

    Wanji Industrial Park, Xinan Luoyang Henan China
  • yacoo chemical reagent co, .ltd.

    biological buffers (tris;hepes;mops;mes;taps;pipes;bicine and bistris;etc);elisa chromogenic reagents(tmb;dtnb;dhbs;dab and pnpps;etc);electronic chemicals( parylene;edot) and so on are

    Xinghu 218, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China